Monday, 9 December 2013

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree........

Last night I decided to make a wire Christmas Tree, It was not something I had planned to make, in fact I had absolutely no intention of making one - but Re tweets by Kirsty Allsopp of other folks Christmas trees kept appearing on my twitter timeline throughout the evening so at 9pm I got my wire out and had a play. - This is what I ended up with, along with a couple of wonderful blisters one on my thumb and one one my pointing finger after all the twisting of wire.

I posted a photo of it on twitter and one of my friends on there suggested baubles, I had been considering this myself as there were loops at the end of each branch crying out to be filled, so this morning I made over 40 glass bead baubles and attached them to the tree - so now it looks like this.

perhaps I now need to think about a star for the top.

handmade by Angela Smith