Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year to you all

So 2011 has crept up on us, it seems to have arrived really quietly here this year!
I went outside for a few minutes, shortly after midnight, it was very mild! I could have stayed out longer but there wasn't much going on, there were a few fireworks being let off from someone's garden in the village a mile away across the common, and a solitary Chinese lantern was drifting across the sky, the clouded sky kept lighting up in the distance giving the hint of more fireworks going off somewhere else, but all was quiet apart from the whistling of the ducks and the eerie calls of the pheasants echoing around the common.
I'm not one for making resolutions as I never seem to keep them but whilst I was stood out there on my drive I promised myself that 2011 was not going to be a wasted year, I have plans and my blog related ones I am going to share with you now, others I still have to develop.
For starters, I have decided to be more structured with this blog.
I would like to announce that I will be providing practical basic advice on jewellery making every 3rd Tuesday of the month. These will be my Tutorial Tuesdays, I have the first 5 planned but I would also welcome topic suggestions from my followers; So watch out for my first of these on Tuesday 18th January, all being well.
Every Wednesday I am going to feature an item I have made for weddings, this will hopefully link in with Wedding Wednesdays on Twitter.
In between these two featured posts I will continue to keep you up to date with any new items I make,
Most of these items will then also be posted in my blog shop for a short while, so my blog followers will be in the unique position of being amongst the first to have the opportunity to buy my jewellery before they are taken out to events or the Gallery at 12