Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wedding Wednesday earrings

I did promise that I would blog about Wedding jewellery every Wednesday in 2011, So as promised!.....

I have decided to start the whole thing off with earrings, two main reasons for doing this. Firstly earrings were the first items of jewellery I taught myself how to make, secondly when brides come to see me about their wedding jewellery, they usually sort out their hair decoration first either their tiara or fascinator or other decorations, then necklace and or bracelet to match and I often then have to ask if they need earrings, more often than not they haven't even considered earrings.
So I am hoping this post might remind all you brides to be that earrings are important!

Yesterday I sat and made a small selection of earrings to show examples of the styles of earrings I could make for you and your bridesmaids on your wedding day!

Swarovski crystal drops, I have included a coloured Swarovski bead this could be a totally different colour to compliment the bridesmaids dresses perhaps. The top pair is attached to very fine sterling silver ear posts, obviously if you'd prefer they can be placed on a sterling silver ear hook, alternatively for bridesmaids who do not have pierced ears I can also provide them on ear clips (below) 

Clear Swarovski crystal butterflies, again with a coloured Swarovski crystal bead above to compliment any other colours included in the dresses 

(above) fine sterling silver ear posts
(below) ear clips

Freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal for a hint of sparkle
with fine sterling silver ear posts 

Fresh water pearl and Swarovski crystal on fine sterling silver ear posts

Swarovski crystal pearls on sterling silver ear hooks

Alternatively any of the crystal and pearl earrings currently in my earring blog shop would also be great for a bride or bridesmaid!
Please note any of the earrings I make can be hung from a post, hooks or clips.
All of the above earrings are now available to buy from my earring blog shop for a limited time.
Please click on page link above!